Drive the Massachusetts Donut Trail!

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Especially after this long year, if you are craving something sweet, then this is the road trip for you! Check out these 7 specialty doughnut shops from Boston to Worcester. The whole trip can be completed in 3 hours and 7 minutes if you plan to hit every shop. Or just check out the choices from the list below and head to your favorite.

Whether you’re a donut lover yourself or just want to be the bearer of the most extravagant and creative doughnuts around - this trail will deliver! Click here for detailed driving directions on Google Maps.












Union Square Donuts - 20 Bow Street, Somerville
Union Square Donuts has been named Boston’s best doughnut shop by Boston Magazine, so you know they’re serving up some seriously sweet stuff. All doughnuts are made by hand every day. You won’t be able to resist flavors like Belgian Dark Chocolate, Vietnamese Coffee, Maple Bacon, or Vegan Caramel Cappuccino. They have multiple locations throughout the Boston area.

Blackbird Doughnuts - 492 Tremont Street, Boston
Blackbird Doughnuts specializes in over-the-top doughnuts that have definite style. From their classic “Blackbird” flavor (vanilla bean cake, vanilla glaze) to their deceptively decorated “Everything Bagel” doughnut (fluffy brioche, cream cheese filling, everything bagel spice), they serve a little something scrumptious for everything.

Kane’s Donuts - 1575 Broadway, Saugus
This family spot has been serving up hot and tasty doughnuts for generations – 65 years to be exact. Established in 1955, they’re still wowing Bostonians and visitors alike with their selection of delectable pastries. Try the Honey-Dip, Creme Brûlée, or Maine Blueberry flavors.

Basic Batch Donuts - 206 E Main Street, Milford
Basic Batch Donuts is anything but basic. Their specialty donuts are topped with everything from bacon bits to rainbow cereal. You can always count on finding faves like Chocolate Frosted, Blueberry Cake, and Classic Glazed. But don’t skip seasonal flavors like the delectable Cinnamon Bun donut!

Glazy Susan - 50 Foster Street, Worcester
In addition to having one of the cutest names ever, Glazy Susan serves some really top-notch treats. Their flavors are gourmet and sophisticated. Try the Orange Cardamom, Brown Butter Sea Salt, or their Vegan Grapefruit doughnuts. Chocolate lovers will love the Hot Cocoa flavor. Flavors change regularly, so stop by to see what’s on offer.

Rocco’s Doughnut Company - 238 Millbury Ave, Millbury
By the time you get to Rocco’s Doughnut Company, your doughnut expectations are going to be pretty high. But that’s no problem, because Rocco’s will exceed them with their selection of colorful and flavorful treats. Grab a doughnut platter (12 doughnuts cut into quarters and served in paper cupcake holders) or sink your teeth into a classic round doughnut. We love flavors like Honey Glazed, Peanut Butter Truffle, and Nutella Cinnamon Sugar.

Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts - 538 College Hwy, Southwick
Are you looking for some old-fashioned doughnut goodness? This cozy little shop in Southwick serves yummy classic flavors and other treats like cinnamon buns and whoopie pies. They also have a drive-up window so you don’t even have to get out of your car!